Ideas, stories are important, while I also enjoy process and materials; getting stuck in. In the last couple of years I’ve been using warning tape in the making of 2D, and  3D work and installation. I enjoy the limited bright palette, the proscription of shape and edge and how I can subvert its cautionary function into forms which define movement; which can’t be pinned down.  I’m interested in creating a balance within the work, finding the right weight.

The different states of having power, being powerless or disempowered and a latent state in between, fascinates me and comes into the work. Since a child I’ve been aware of moving between cultural identities: British and Mediterranean, what links and separates.

I’m making drawings which have become more minimal over time. Using a brush and Indian ink brings energy and a delightful solid yet gestural black line to the drawings.

I’ve been videoing the landscape and weather since I’ve been living in Suffolk .  I’m interested in boundaries, the edge of things; where one thing might become another; how we move through horizons, coastlines, territories; with humour and our stories.

I use ordinary materials that you might find at B &Q, found objects: I make things; I make paintings, drawings, video and photographs and I write. I use whatever approach seems appropriate and whichever toolkit seems to fit.